Ken Caryl is a great neighborhood with a lot of great features. One of the main drawbacks that I hear about our neighborhood is that our homes are old. That simply means that there will be a lot of homes undergoing some nice remodels in the next few years! Inman News recently posted a list of the top Home Design Trends for 2017, and here are a few if you’re looking to remodel. If it’s time to remodel your home and you’re looking for the best contractors, please contact me and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with some who have done great work for my clients.

  1. Built in Bars

    Kitchen islands are popular, and bars at the island are popular and functional. If you’re going to remodel your kitchen, make sure you include a few seats at the bar!

  2. Contrasting Islands

    This is one of my personal favorites. If you’re going to have a kitchen island, a nice contrasting color with the counter top and the island gives it a great flare.

  3. Custom made vanities

    Rather than go to Home Depot to buy a prefab vanity, look into making one from an old dresser or antique desk.

  4. Wifi stations

    As we get more and more immersed in our technology, having a place to sit down and plug in is essential. The designated office isn’t a need anymore, and the place to dock yourself still is.

For a complete list of the top trends, visit and get to work on upgrading your Ken Caryl home!