3rd Annual Fortitude 10k

September 2, 2019  Fort Collins, CO
Are you ready for the 3rd Annual Fortitude 10k? Take part in a moving Labor Day tribute, watch some of America’s top professional runners, and enjoy a flat, fast course with a stadium finish!


The 3rd Annual Fortitude 10k

Born out of the iconic racing minds that created the BOLDERBoulder 10k, the Fortitude 10k is the bookend race to Colorado’s summer. Like the BB10k, The Fortitude has the revolutionary wave start, thrilling stadium finish, professional race, and is deeply reliant on the involvement of the community as a whole.

Why Fortitude?

Something For Everyone!

I believe that the BOLDERBoulder is the greatest event in Colorado, but it’s no longer the greatest race. Heresy, I know, but hear me out.  I know you can’t separate the event from the race, but try for a moment. The BB10k as a race is hard. Lots of street turns, and a net elevation gain. Let’s not even bring up the gradual uphill the last 1.5k, or the momentum killing uphill into the stadium. It’s just hard! The Fortitude 10k is different. It’s flat, it’s mostly straight, and it’s fast. As an event, it is clear that the Fortitude will soon match the grandeur of it’s older cousin. As a race, it has already become my favorite! 

Fortitude 10k