About 4 years ago the Affordable Health Care Act made my family’s health care unaffordable. I am a self employed owner of a small business, and our health care premiums nearly quadrupled. I literally could not afford health insurance anymore, and couldn’t seem to find anyone who could help. One of my clients pointed me to Samaritan Ministries, a health share group. 

I had heard of health share, but was totally unfamiliar with how it worked. After several hours of research, I was curious but not convinced. It was too inexpensive. Paying cash and then getting reimbursed seemed too risky. Paying other members directly rather than being billed by the insurance company didn’t seem wise. Being uninsured felt a bit embarrassing.  So why in the world would we sign up with so many questions? We had to. We couldn’t afford insurance and we had to do something. 

The first three years went by without incident. We sent our checks where we were told, filed taxes without any problem, and everything seemed fine. We had one small bill around $700 that was covered by other members and that was kind of fun. 

Just recently we had our first big test. Our youngest daughter had some complicated issues and was in and out of the pediatrician and had a few stops in the hospital. Bills were approaching $20,000, but because we were cash pay patients all of the medical providers offered us discounts, bringing our total bills to around $13,000. We put those bills on a credit card and submitted our need to Samaritan Ministries. 

Within 60 days our need had been approved and published, and soon checks began pouring in from other members. The entire bill was covered. All of it. Yet for me, that isn’t even the best part. Almost every check that came in was accompanied by a note of encouragement and prayer for my daughter. It was–for a total lack of a better word–overwhelming. Yes, having your medical bills paid 100% is an enormous relief and a massive burden lifted. To have families all across the country praying specifically for my daughter and standing beside us spiritually as well as financially is indescribable. 

Never again will I simply send my shares to the family in need. From now on all of my checks will be accompanied by notes and preceded with prayer. I didn’t understand the power of that until we were on this side of things. We were forced into using Samaritan Ministries (at least forced into a health share program) due to cost. Now, I have to believe that was God closing one door and opening another, better door as He so often does. I can’t imagine ever going back to health insurance, even if it does become affordable. There is so much power in citizens taking care of citizens, families taking care of families. I believe this is how it was meant to be before everything became government run and mandated. 

I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of the people at Samaritan Ministries and how they have impacted our lives.