NuYo’s Frozen Yogurt in Ken Caryl is kind of like my family’s “Cheers.” You know, that feel good place in the neighborhood where everybody knows your name? That’s NuYo’s for us! Truthfully, most frozen yogurt shops are pretty similar…there’s only so much you can do with frozen yogurt and toppings, right?

It’s the atmosphere and the people that make NuYo’s different. Staffed primarily by the owners and a team of teenagers, NuYo’s exudes the neighborhood gathering place feel. I’ve been to a lot of stores where the teenage employees have little to no customer service skills. Either NuYo’s has great hiring practices or great training…or both. ┬áThe kids who work here are friendly, engaging, and always working.

I’d love to say we’re there all the time because I have two young girls, but those who know me understand that my girls are there all the time because of their dad. If you’re looking for birthday party ideas, school class parties, or just a place to take the family for dessert in Ken Caryl, I can’t think of a better place than NuYo’s!