Are you looking to remodel your kitchen? You may want to consider these factors from a study done by There’s no doubt that one of the biggest factors facing homeowners in the Ken Caryl area is the age of our homes. Many people are realizing that they remodeled their kitchens already…in 2001. Now their remodel job is in need of a remodel! Others still have their kitchen from the 80’s! Before you remodel your kitchen, here are a few of the highlights from the Houzz study.

Biggest Must Have’s

  1. Lots of clutter free counter top space
  2. #1 requires some creative storage ideas
  3. This surprised me…easy access for recycling


  1. Get techy. Smart appliances, Google assistant or Alexa, and other tech trends for the kitchen
  2. Granite? Nope. 3 years in a row granite is losing it’s appeal. Engineered quartz is the new #1 countertop
  3. White is still right…a strong majority still prefer white kitchens

Money Splurges

  1. Splurge on countertops….save on light fixtures
  2. Splurge on appliances, save on windows
  3. Splurge on cabinets, save on flooring

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, keep these things in mind as future buyers will be looking for what’s hot. Also keep in mind, maybe you’re remodeling your kitchen for you, and these trends don’t matter one bit! Go with your likes!