Have you visited the Little Gym of West Littleton? This place was an absolute life saver for my family the past few months. If you live in Ken Caryl or anywhere in West Littleton, CO, and you’re looking for a great place for your kids during the winter months, The Little Gym of West Littleton is the best option that I’ve found.

Really, their activities go well beyond just the winter months, though we found that to be the best time for our family. We were looking for an indoor center near Ken Caryl that would serve as something well beyond just an indoor play park. The Little Gym has dance classes ranging from hip-hop to ballet to tap. They have great gymnastics classes, and our next class to try will be their karate class.

If you’re looking for a gymnastics or dance studio that will prepare your child for the Olympics, The Little Gym probably isn’t the place for you. If you’re looking for a place in Littleton to teach your kids not only the physical skills, but also the social skills that will help them in their lives, you should try this out! The instructors are fantastic, the classes are all very age appropriate, the themes teach not only physical lessons but life lessons as well.

We had one of our daughters’ birthday party at The Little Gym and it was an amazing experience. We made some great friends and great memories at that event! The Little Gym of West Littleton is owned and operated by Ken Caryl residents Nick and Nicci Cavalero, and they both serve as instructors for many of the classes as well.

If you need a place for your kids to develop physically and socially, or if you’re looking for summer camps for your kids in Littleton,  The Little Gym of West Littleton is the best place our family has discovered!