Ken Caryl Ranch Open Space

Ken Caryl Trails

Lower Cougar Trail

People move to Colorado for the outdoor living. I’ve lived in some amazing places in my life, and I’ve never been anyplace where outdoor recreation was such a part of the fabric of the community. The Ken Caryl Ranch open space allows the residents of our amazing community to experience outdoor living at its finest–right out our back door. We have over 4800 acres of open space in our neighborhood, and Ken Caryl enjoys 35 miles of trails to explore the Colorado wilderness.

If you’re into hiking, mountain biking, or trail running, I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to enjoy than the Ken Caryl Valley. A variety of rolling slopes and killer climbs, packed dirt and loose rock, give every level of outdoor enthusiast something to enjoy. While you’re out taking in the beauty of the Foothills, you’ll likely be joined by deer, an occasional elk, foxes, and coyotes. Keep your eyes peeled in the warm months, as rattle snakes are plentiful as well! I have yet to see a mountain lion while in the open space, but I’ve seen the photos that the Ranger’s trail cameras have taken.

Ken Caryl Valley

Ken Caryl wild flowers

Ken Caryl residents also can enjoy 7 private campsites located throughout the open space.  While this is a lot to enjoy, it is also a lot to maintain, and the Ken Caryl residents again step up and a huge number of volunteers help the Ken Caryl Rangers patrol and maintain our trail system and open space.

I often hear non-residents complain about the Ken Caryl open space being private, and I remind them that it is the residents who pay for all of the maintenance and trail development. If you’d like to enjoy the amazing views and trails that Ken Caryl residents enjoy, give me a call! I’d be happy to take you on a run or a ride, or better yet help you find your home in this amazing community so you can use the open space whenever you’d like!

Morning in Ken Caryl Valley

Morning in Ken Caryl