There is no question that one of the key reasons my family and I live in Ken Caryl Ranch is the amenities. We have often looked at some other areas with newer homes, and we keep coming back to the fact that there are no other neighborhoods like Ken Caryl in the Denver Metro area. Over the next few weeks I’ll highlight some of our favorites.

Ken Caryl Equestrian Center

The Ken Caryl Equestrian Center, located in the Ken Caryl Valley, is certainly one of our family’s favorite places to spend time. Set just inside the entrance to the Valley, the Equestrian Center is framed by the mountains to the west and the rocks of the Hogback to the east. You can learn more about boarding horses, summer camps for kids, and activities at the barns by visiting the Ken Caryl Equestrian Center’s webpage. 

Our daughters each take horseback riding lessons there, and the trainers are fantastic. My wife and I have no experience with horses, so we are completely dependent upon the staff to train our kids, and they do an amazing job. It’s funny, one of the only complaints I’ve ever heard about the Ken Caryl horseback riding lessons is something that we actually love. Our girls are responsible for getting their horse ready with brushing and hoof cleaning and proper saddling, and after they ride they’re responsible for taking care of the horse again with brushing, putting the equipment away, and leading the horse back to its stall. Some parents complain that the riding time is less here than at other barns, which is true, and I am happy to sacrifice 15 minutes of riding time each lesson for my girls to learn how to be responsible and take care of the animal, rather than simply expect someone else to do that for them.

If you’re looking for a great place to have a children’s birthday party in Littleton, both of our girls have had birthdays at the Ken Caryl Equestrian Center and it’s an amazingly memorable time. Friends who had never been around horses before were caring for them, riding them, and feeding them treats and having an experience that they’d never had before. With 2 outdoor arenas and a large indoor arena, you can ride year round as well.

There is a wide range of riders at the barn, from the experienced English riders to novice Western riders. We love the clientele that tends to hang around the barns, as our girls are surrounded by responsible, kind, teenage role models every time we ride. It’s simply a great atmosphere for young kids to be around.

For more information about the Ken Caryl Equestrian Center, you can call 303-972-8456 or email the stables. Keep in mind they’re usually out with the horses, so be patient and be persistent!


Morning in Ken Caryl