The deadline for joining a Ken Caryl Master Association committee is coming up on Tuesday, November 22nd. You can download the applications on their website, and get them sent in to Victoria DeSair by Tuesday at 5pm. I wanted to share with you my experience with 3 years on a committee and why I believe this is a great opportunity for you as well.

There are 9 committees and task forces listed on the Ken Caryl Master Association site, ranging from parks and open space to Equestrian Center to the glamorous committee I have participated on for the past three years, the Covenant Control Committee. With so many various options, there really is a place for everyone to get involved.

In my 13 years of selling real estate, I’ve learned 2 things very clearly about HOA governed communities like Ken Caryl.

  1. People like living in clean, orderly, well managed communities
  2. People don’t like having HOA’s tell them how clean and orderly they have to be, just their neighbors.

My family and I chose Ken Caryl over and above all other communities in the area because of one word: Community. There are a lot of neighborhoods in the South Denver area. Many with newer homes and more shopping. We couldn’t find another neighborhood that had the community we found in Ken Caryl. Nowhere else has 3 distinct outdoor pools. Nowhere else has so many indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Nowhere else has such a beautiful and extensive trail system. Nowhere else has the walking paths, the community centers, and the parks we have. Nowhere else has such a great equestrian center and riding school. Nowhere else has the people we have, all of which create this community.

Whenever you put people with opinions together to try and maintain all of those wonderful community features, there’s bound to be some disagreement. And with collaboration, it’s inevitable there will be improvement as well. Anyone who is a member of the unofficial community Facebook page can attest to the reality that we don’t always agree on how our amenities should be used, who should govern them, and whether or not pickleball is really a sport. Anyone who has ever received a letter telling them to get their trash cans hidden or their dandelions picked can tell you that it’s not always fun to have a Master Association watching over things.

And anyone who has ever visited neighborhoods without HOA’s can tell you that HOA’s do have value. We don’t have trash cans sitting out all week long. We don’t have 1972 campers that were last used in 1974 sitting in driveways. We don’t have purple houses with pink trim. We have wonderfully maintained trails and facilities that the whole community can enjoy.

All of this is made possible because of the Master Association committees, committees that are made up of Ken Caryl residents who want to see this be the best community that it can be. Contrary to the belief of some, the Covenant Control committee isn’t made up of grumpy neighbors out to “get” anyone who lets a weed grow. We are a small group of neighbors who live here, who understand how hard it can be to keep a house painted, trees trimmed, and yards looking nice when life gets in the way. We also understand that how your home looks affects your neighbors enjoyment and value of their home. So we are a group of your neighbors who review complaints and make every effort to fairly and judiciously make our community as attractive as possible.

It’s easy to complain about things not going your way, and it’s harder to step in and actually make a difference. And we need neighbors who are willing to take that hard step and make sure our parks, our history, our equestrian center, our trails, and our community best fulfill the needs and desires of our community as a whole.

I encourage you to look over the various options and find one that fits your interests. The committee on which I serve requires one 1-hour meeting per month. That’s it. And I know that I’m serving my neighbors by giving up that 1 hour. Get your applications in by Tuesday, and if you want to talk with someone about what the commitment really is, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Ken Caryl Ranch MA

Ken Caryl Ranch