If you’re looking for insurance agents in Ken Caryl, I think it’s wise to start your search with a local resident. There’s no question that Ken Caryl is one of the most enjoyable and desirable places to live in Colorado. There’s also no question that when a hail storm hits Ken Caryl it can be destructive, not just to your garden and pool day plans, but to your house and car also. So what to do when you have hail damage to your home or car?

Start by making sure you have the right home and auto insurance in place before the hail storm hits! Not all insurance companies are created equal, and I have had far too many clients get burned by their online insurance companies and discount insurance companies. For your own protection, make sure that you have a local insurance expert like Mike Schmisek that understands the hail damage claims in Colorado. Local agents will have a better understanding of local insurance underwriting guidelines and laws.  For example, wood shake and T-Lock roofs have been out of production in Colorado for about 15 years and only a local agent will know that a house with a wood shake or T Lock roof will be much more difficult to insure since it will have substantial wear and tear.  You may think you’re safe if your discount company says they’ll write the policy, but keep in mind if a company writes an insurance policy on a home with a T Lock or Wood roof, you may get a notice of cancellation soon after (or before) closing.

It’s also worth noting that local agents are more accountable.  It’s easy for an employee in a call center hundreds of miles away to give bad information or poor advice. Mike lives in Ken Caryl, has a local office and a direct local phone line. He can’t, and doesn’t want to, hide from his clients. Being accountable and available is part of what he loves about his role. He lives in Ken Caryl and his family enjoys the amenities and the community. Having the opportunity to serve this community is a privilege for Mike, not a burden like it is to the national companies.

When purchasing a home, it is imperative that you have a solid insurance policy in place. Ken Caryl resident Mike Schmisek with Farmers Insurance is a great person to contact for your Colorado insurance needs.