If you are looking to inspire your young runner, there is no better place than the 2019 BolderBOULDER. As a high school distance runner in the early ’90’s, I would eagerly read about the BB10k in Runner’s World Magazine and dream of the day that I could participate in this world-class event.

Over the past several years, I have learned that the BolderBOULDER is far more than a race, but truly an inspiring event. Several races around the country have a pro race affiliated with them, very few structure the day so that the citizens lead things off and get to be in the stands watch the pro race unfold on the big screen and enjoy an Olympic quality finish right before their eyes on the Folsom Stadium track.

This year’s US participants include Olympic Marathoner Jared Ward, Olympic 10,000m runner Diego Estrada, and Park Stinson, who just broke the American 25k record earlier this month. The US women will include Olympic steeple chaser Shalaya Kipp, indoor marathon World Record holder Lindsey Scherf, and perhaps the top US distance runner today Aliphine Tuliamuk.

There is nothing that will motivate a young runner more than conquering the BB10k course with nearly 50,000 other runners, then watching some of the best in the world (the international field has not yet been announced) cover the exact same course.

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