In the Denver real estate market, considered by many to be the “hottest” in the country, your Realtor should be a guide, not a hero. I first read this analogy from another real estate agent in the Seattle area, and is resonated with me. Real estate agents are encouraged, if not forced, to be a bit self-centered when it comes to building their business. After all, if the 18,000+ real estate agents in the Denver area are all trying to sell the same homes, what do they have to set them apart? Themselves.

But who is the story really about? You. The seller or the buyer. The story is about you. Recently there were a few stories on the news about Colorado natives summiting Mt Everest. I found it interesting that none of the stories mentioned their guides. They never do. Think of how many times the guides have summited this great mountain, yet they’ve never had their names in glory. It is always about the people whom they are leading.

Real estate should be the same. So many real estate agents in Denver have their photos on their signs, on bus benches and shopping carts, and countless Facebook posts show them triumphantly smiling at the closing table. I even had a photo come across my news feed ┬árecently that showed a Denver based Realtor at the closing table with seven closing checks spread out in front of him. A good day in business, to be sure, and it shouldn’t be about him.

Selling real estate doesn’t require a guide, just like hiking a mountain doesn’t require a guide. And it sure makes it a whole lot safer and easier. I believe in being a guide for my clients. I know the real estate markets, the home builders, the schools and trails and churches and parks. Selling a house is easy. Selling someone a home requires more effort and knowledge.

If you’re looking to sell or buy a home in the Denver Metro area, give me a call at 303.578.6260 and let’s see if I’m the right guide for you.