With the recent increase in car break ins and house vandalism in the Ken Caryl area recently, I hosted a home security seminar last night at the Dakota Lodge. Ken Caryl insurance agent Mike Schmisek from Farmers Insurance started the evening off with some great reminders about what constitutes an auto claim and what is a home claim (if your car gets broken into and a computer is stolen, you likely have both!). Mike also gave some great information on value limits many different insurance companies place on various items in the case of theft. Bottom line was many break in situations aren’t worth filing a claim when the deductible is factored into the situation. For more details on the insurance claims, contact Mike directly.

Next, Brandon Donovan and his team from Colorado Security Company provided some great tips on how to best protect your home and different options for security systems. ┬áRanging from fully integrated smart home systems to simple surveillance camera systems, the options available to protect your home are amazing. I love that you can have a full integrated smart system where you can lock your doors, close your garage, set your thermostat, and turn on and off lights all from your phone, all for around $500! Even if you don’t want to install any kind of security system, there are several basic tips that we all know and yet sometimes need to be reminded of that can protect your home and your car:

  • Use your garage for your cars!
  • Lock your cars if they don’t fit in your garage
  • Don’t leave computers, chargers, purses, etc in your car
  • Lock the doors to your home
  • Get lights put on random timers to turn on and off when you’re not home
  • Let your neighbors know when you’re not home

If we work together as a community and keep an eye out for each other, we have a better chance of preventing the frustrating and costly petty crimes that we’re putting up with right now. It is a matter of using common sense, not getting too comfortable in our safe neighborhood, and agreeing to have each others’ backs. If we do those things, we can help lessen the crime in the neighborhood.