Longtime Bronco punter Britton Colquitt is now a member of the Cleveland Browns. Despite going from a Super Bowl caliber team to a team that notched only 1 win last season, he had to move his family from Colorado to Ohio. I’ve never been to Cleveland, or anywhere in Ohio, so it could be very nice there. Just tough to imagine that it’s as nice as Denver! Moving is a reality for professional athletes. It’s rare that an athlete spends a career in one town, and it’s also rare that they call the town where they play home.

Luxury home in Denver

Colquitt home in Castle Rock

The Colquitts had a gorgeous house in Castle Rock that just closed a couple of weeks ago, and they did okay! They purchased the home in December of 2013 for $1.75M. They sold it last month for $2.25M. Many athletes go above their means and purchase homes that are a bit tougher to turn around and sell. Former Rockie Troy Tulowitzki (now a Blue Jay) sold his Cherry Creek home in August of last year for $4.55M. He had purchased the home in January of 2011 for $4.8M. Tulo’s loss wasn’t nearly as painful as the loss that Former Nugget Camelo Anthony (currently with the Knicks) took on his home. ‘Melo purchased his Littleton mansion in April of 2007 for a cool $12M. No, you didn’t miss a decimal point, that reads $12,000,000. He sold his home in June 2011 for…$6.18M.  O-U-C-H.

The Denver luxury market needs to be navigated skillfully. Simply having money does’t mean it should all be spent on housing! There are many options for luxury homes in the Denver market. Knowing not only your budget, but also your needs and wants and the market demand are key to choosing the right home. Maybe former Bronco coach Mike Shannahan’s $22M home is right for you!

If you’re in the market for a luxury home in Denver, or if you would like to know what your home is worth and would like to discuss the options of selling your home, please call me today.

Littleton Luxury home

Carmelo Anthony’s Home