There are fewer than 2 weeks left until the running of America’s premier 10k road race, the BolderBOULDER. At this point, most of the work has been done,¬†though there are a few more days left to get in some good speed work to make sure you’re ready for the pace. According to the BB10k training plan, today was set to be a speed day. Today’s workout called for 4x5min with 2min jog in between.

I took a few liberties and changed that to 4x1200m with a 400m jog in between, and based on my projected pace that was pretty close to what was called for. A 6:15/mile pace will put me right around 38:45 for the BB10k, so a 1200m should be run in 4:41. I also decided to add one extra element to the mix, and I drove the 35 min from Ken Caryl to Evergreen Lake to take advantage of a bit more altitude.

In my memory, the Evergreen Lake Trail was a nice flat 1.3mi loop. With the north trail still closed, the loop element was out and I was doing a lot of out and backs, and there were a few inclines in the trail I hadn’t remembered before. Most of my runs take place between 5600′-6000′, so the 7000′ elevation of Evergreen Lake was a nice, yet manageable, difference. Coming in I had my goals and I knew what pace I wanted to run. At the end of the workout, I had run a 4:40, 4:47, 4:42, and 5:01.

Not quite what I had hoped for, and yet I know the effort was there. There are all sorts of factors that can affect time. Today I had the 180* turns, the narrow and semi-crowded trail, the strong head wind for half the runs, and the altitude. When workouts don’t quite go as planned, you can easily get discouraged, make excuses, or simply acknowledge the conditions and evaluate your effort.

BolderBOULDER elevation

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One thing for sure about the BolderBOULDER is that the course is challenging. It has a net elevation increase and a couple of noticeable hills. Set your training to mimic the course, get comfortable running fast on the hills and learn how to carry your speed over the hill and into the downhills. If the effort is there, the results most likely will be on race day as well. The energy and environment of the BB10k can’t be under estimated, so put in the effort and allow the event to carry your pace.