Fortitude 10k running race

Nearing the Sonny Lubick Field Finish

You don’t want to miss out on the Fortitude 10k coming up on Labor Day! You know how you wish you would have bought stock in Apple years ago, but you didn’t? That’s what the Fortitude 10k will be like, minus the trillions of dollars of net worth. Colorado boasts one of the most popular road races in the country every Memorial Day with the BolderBOULDER, and last year the amazing team that runs that iconic race launched the inaugural Fortitude 10k in Fort Collins, CO. You still have about 1 month to register and join the 2nd Annual running of the Fortitude 10k Classic!

What makes the Fortitude 10k such a great race?

  • Same great wave start as the BB10k, ensuring you’ll run with others of your ability and the course never gets too crowded
  • A fantastic, mostly flat course through beautiful Fort Collins. Honestly, I like this course much better than BB10k. It is a much faster, easier course to run!
  • Incredible finish inside Colorado State University’s new football stadium, finishing on Sonny Lubick Field.
  • Professional race following the community race, and this one is special! I love watching the elite (many Olympians) runners at the BB10k, and the Fortitude 10k shook things up a bit by making this a handicapped professional chase, ranking runners based on their best times. You get to watch on the big screen as some of the best runners in the world, literally, chase each other on the same course you just ran, all finishing in the stadium at about the same time.
  • Moving Labor Day ceremony after the races. Join thousands of others in honoring our country and those who work so hard to make it great.

If you are a CSU fan or grad, this race is a must for you and your family. If you’re looking for one of the fastest 10k’s in Colorado, the Fortitude 10k is a must for you. If you’re simply looking for a fun and healthy new Labor Day tradition for your family, the Fortitude 10k is a must consider!

Fortitude 10k

Running through Fort Collins