Ken Caryl

Ken Caryl

Those of us who live in Ken Caryl already know that this is the best neighborhood in the Denver Metro area for hiking. Now, everyone else knows it too. REColorado, home of the Greater Denver MLS and all things real estate for Denver, just published an article on the “5 Best Denver Neighborhoods for Hiking Enthusiasts.”  Coming in at the top of their list? Ken Caryl, of course.

There simply isn’t another neighborhood in the Denver Metro area, or anywhere else that I can think of, that boasts nearly 5000 acres of open space, miles and miles of trails, and even private resident only campgrounds. Ken Caryl is certainly unique in this area. Not only do we have these trails, they offer some of the most amazing biking, hiking, and running experiences you’ll find in the region, not to mention some breath-taking views of Downtown Denver and beyond.

Coming in 2nd place in the REColorado study is our neighbor, Willow Springs. Willow Springs is home to some of the most amazing homes, with incredible views, and stunning red rock landscaping, that you’ll find in Denver Metro. They have their own set of trails, and Willow Springs and Ken Caryl have a nice little trail co-op for those who volunteer to maintain the trails in both neighborhoods.

Ken Caryl Trails

Lower Cougar Trail

I have heard the complaints from hikers and bikers that don’t live in Ken Caryl that it’s selfish and unfair that we keep our trails private and we “police” them so strictly. I understand the sentiment, and I disagree completely. Like anyone else, I like public land and access to the trails that make Colorado such a great place to live. I also understand that many of the public trails that I use I also help pay for with parks passes, daily fees, and taxes. The Ken Caryl trails are built by, maintained by, and funded by the residents of Ken Caryl.

With the hours and dollars that we put into our trails, those of us who live here and truly love our trails want to see them maintained and kept clean. For the Ken Caryl residents who haven’t tried our #1 trails in Denver Metro, I’d encourage you to get out and explore them! If you don’t live here and you want to see what makes the Ken Caryl trails so great, I’d invite you to join me for a run or a ride, or better yet I’ll help you find a home of your own in Ken Caryl so you can use them anytime you’d like!

Rounding out the top 5 in the REColorado article of best Denver hiking neighborhoods were Genessee, Waterton Canyon, and Bear Creek Lake Park.  I don’t believe those last two are actual neighborhoods, and I’ve still highlighted neighborhoods you could live in and bike or run to their trails!