The 39th running of the BolderBOULDER, America’s premier 10k road race run right here in the Front Range, is less than 2 months away! One of my favorite parts about living in Ken Caryl is the access to our amazing running, hiking, and biking trails. From the time I was in high school back in the early 90’s in Park City, UT, I have been enthralled by the BolderBOULDER and had a goal of one day running in this great race. Moving to Ken Caryl put me less than an hour from the starting line, so I had to get in shape and realize my goal.

In 2015, I ran the BB10k for the first time, crossing the finish line in 41:37, not bad for a 40yr old just trying to get back into shape. Last year, I set a goal of running sub 40 minutes, determined to earn a BB10k Under 40 t-shirt. All was going great through 9k, but as you know it is a 10k and the last hill got me, and I crossed the finish line in 40:10. Crushed, but not defeated.

This year, at 42, I am again determined to join the Over 40 (years old) Under 40 (minutes) club. Thanks in part to my deeper dedication, and in part to the ridiculously mild winter we had here this year, I’m entering the BB10k peak training period with a good base already under me. I entered and trained for the inaugural Encinitas Half Marathon held in Encinitas, CA, on March 26th. It was my first 1/2 marathon since 1999, and I crossed the finish line comfortably in 1:30:38, 6:54/mi pace.

As pleased as I was with that result, I know that 13 miles at 6:55 pace at sea level and 6.2 miles at 6:20 pace at 5300 feet are two different things! So today I will start chronicling my training journey to run the 39th BolderBoulder in under 40 minutes! I hope you’ll take advantage of this great event just an hour north of Ken Caryl and register to participate as well! You can even find a great training guide to make sure you’re ready, regardless of your goals and fitness level!