I’m not sure how it happened so suddenly, yet the 2018 BolderBoulder is coming in only 6 weeks! This is the 40th running of one of America’s most iconic road races, and the premier Memorial Day celebration in the west! If you are wondering if you can still register for this year’s BolderBoulder, and if there is still time to get yourself ready, the answer to both is “Oh Yes You Can!”

The BB10k sells out every year, so I would visit the online registration and get yourself signed up soon! As far as getting yourself ready for the race, there is a very easy to follow training plan on the BolderBoulder site for all fitness levels. I will post more about my preparation for the 2018 BB10k later this week as well.

Why the BolderBoulder? Here are a few of my favorite elements of this event:

  • Truly a community event, not simply a running race.
  • Part of an incredible series (including the ColderBoulder and Fortitude 10K) where your friends and family can build traditions
  • Moving Memorial Day celebration following the race that will inspire your patriotic side
  • Wave starts eliminate the chaos of the starting line found in so many races. Run with other people of your same ability.
  • On course entertainment ranges from music to dancing, slip ‘n’ slides to food and drink. It is…well, entertaining
  • Professional race. You’ll have a chance to watch Olympians from across the globe compete on the same course you just ran, and hear 50,000+ spectators roar as they enter the stadium

Quite simply, there are other road races you can choose from. There is only 1 BolderBoulder, and this 40th celebration is sure to be something you won’t want to miss!